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john peteJohn Pete is the founder of the grief support site at GriefStreets.com, and a dreamcatcher artist whose work has been sold in New York and the Midwest. 

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His maternal grandfather, Pete, is of Tewa Indian heritage, although John is not registered with any tribe.

He has been featured on
Open To Hope Radio program and his articles, "The Gift" and "Preparing To Say Goodbye and Other Challenges of the Heart," are published in the 2011 book, "Open To Hope, Inspirational Stories of Healing After Loss." (Drs. Gloria & Heidi Horsley).

Many of John Pete's articles are also published online, including on his Blog.

John's Dreamcatcher Art

John Pete Dream Catchers

John creates gallery quality dream catchers using willow, natural stones and other materials to design art that represents nature, healing, protection and various cultural belief systems & rituals. 

His hand-woven dream catchers have been described as "medicine shield meets dream catcher," and are displayed as a stunning art pieces and for purposes of spiritual growth, protection and healing.

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God gave life to mankind and to nature. But only one can exist without the other. ~John Pete. 


John Pete, GC-C, 
Certified Grief Counselor, Author, Artist

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