Our Golden Girl, by John Pete

Tucker was so much more to us than just a pet companion; she was a beloved and precious family member whose death has left us heartbroken. We will never-ever forget our sweet Golden Girl and though our hearts ache today, we eagerly anticipate a time of God’s choosing when we will see her again running on strong legs to greet us with those big beautiful brown soulful eyes.

Picture the humorous sight of a Golden Retriever with short little Corgi legs and you have a glimpse of our precious Tucker, who recently passed away at age 16 1/2. She never let her short legs slow her down and it seems not so long ago that she was enjoying long strolls in the woodsy park near our home, or chasing rabbits by leaps and bounds in our rural backyard… I believe the term is “built low to the ground for speed.”

One of her favorite pastimes was indulging in a belly up wiggle in the grass during a frequent fit of silliness that left us laughing every single time.

Tucker was truly a ray of sunshine in our daily lives and was always there to greet us with big trusting brown eyes, an enthusiastic wag of her tail and a bark of elation as if we were returning from a long journey, instead of a just few hours away from home.

I will always remember sweet Tucker for being a contented snuggler under the blankets on many a cold winter night, where only a stray ear or cold nose could be seen peeking from under warm covers. And I can still smell her sweet lingering scent, and feel the happy warmth of her presence all around us .

She brought immense love and comfort to our lives in good times and bad, and for that we will always be grateful.

For Our Golden Girl, Tucker
by John Pete

Big beautiful brown trusting eyes,
Soft flowing golden curls.
Kind, gentle, knowing soul,
Our beautiful Golden Girl.



About John Pete

John Pete is founder of the grief support site at www.GriefStreets.com, and the Grief Streets Peer Support Group on Facebook. John has been featured on Grief Talk Radio and his articles "The Gift" and "Preparing To Say Goobye and Other Challenges of the Heart" are published in the book, "Open To Hope, Inspirational Stories of Healing After Loss." He has also written many other spiritual articles. (Read in the John Pete Blog) and was most recently published on the 2012 DVD, "Grieving the Sudden Death of a Loved One". In addition to spiritual writing, John creates gallery-quality dream catchers using willow hoops, natural stones and other materials to design art that represents nature, healing, protection and various cultures & rituals. His work has been displayed and sold in New York and the Midwest. His hand-woven dream catchers can be displayed as stunning art works or for spiritual protection & healing.
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